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"EXPEDITION" is the echolot debut of multi-talented composer Christian R. Meyer and features an original 14-minute score he wrote for a short film project in 2013/14. His orchestral piece of epic grandeur evokes images taking the listener who probably does not know the corresponding short film on an emotional journey. Even though it is not evident the score was produced just with digital means that are being used in contemporary Hollywood productions as well. It is simply stunning what sample-based software can do these days.
On the B side of the release echolot label head Lars Kemnitz delivers a remix that draws you deep into the darkness of woods. Being less epic the remix recycles certain parts of the original score in distorted soundscapes combining them with live recordings over a massive bassline and a broken beat structure. Lars who did the remix under his Kämmer alter ego makes it a gritty and slightly bulky piece of electronic music.
"EXPEDITION" offers an exciting and exceptional listening experience and is likely to be just the beginning of a series of musical collaborations between echolot artists.
As a follow-up to his much appreciated first echolot EP "Toter Salon" Lars Kemnitz aka Kämmer provides another insight into his musical universe with "FØREIGN", a three-track EP. With the cinematic "Troll" he lures the listener into the eerie undergrowth of Norwegian woods celebrating a sound aesthetic that is as detailed as is is gritty. The second track, "Bramfeld 101", features a wonderful warm mallet hook that drops in after about 4 minutes of gentle build-up. "Skagentwiet", the last track of the EP, might be the most surprising one as Lars releases the handbrake completely in favour of a powerful ride along driving beats and electro synth lines. No doubt, "FØREIGN" is worth being called an appropriate successor to "Toter Salon".
Salon Mort EP
"When I made these tracks I always saw an old empty parlor in front of me. Nobody has been there for years. I wanted to fill it with dance music to see what images come to my mind." - In fact, what label head Lars Kemnitz created under his Kämmer alter ego for his echolot debut are two dark, ice-cold and umcompromising techno tracks. Whereas on the A side "Toter Salon" drives forward until a weird piano hook breaks into an apparently crowded parlor, on the B side "Le Drück Est Trop Big" introduces echoing synth snippets over a massive bassline that was reason enough to name the track after its impact (mixing French with German). "Le Drück" got even aired on radio in Martin Böttcher's legendary "Electro Royal" programme. As for the young echolot history back then there could not have been a better start.
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