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Producer / DJ
Lars Kemnitz aka Kämmer
Since the early 2000s Lars has been developing an ever-growing interest in all sorts of electronic music and a distinctive taste. These days he is mixing genres, crossing established borders looking for music that is unique and inspiring and worth sharing with people. Most recently he has undertaken first attempts to combine dance music with avant-garde electronica, film scores and collage of found and recorded sounds. In fact, you never really know what to expect from a mix or a production he has done. It feels like he is in a perpetual and open-ended search of new things to experiment with.
When Lars founded echolot netlabel back in 2011 he wanted to set up a platform to share and promote his music and those of his friends. Among them is Sönke Lehmann with whom he forms the DJ duo Kämmer vs L'Man. For both the label and the DJ duo Lars is managing all tasks in terms of visual identity.
Sönke Lehmann aka L'Man
Receiving his first piano lessons at the age of 6 Sönke comes from a rather classical background. In the 90s he started out to listen to early euro dance and has been since then deeply into electronic music. For a long time his focus as a DJ has lied on genres such as trance, progressive and hard techno – so just the fast and harder end of electronics. Nonetheless his interest in different kinds of music has always been there. When moving to Berlin in 2014 he left behind all self-imposed limitations being absolutely open-minded towards a broad range of electronic music and even hip-hop which is noticeable in his latest DJ sets and mixes, for instance the B-INVALID SESSIONS.
Besides experimenting with genres he is challenging himself finding new creative ways to play music. Remixing live, using sophisticated effects and building own edits of existing tracks is supposed to be the beginning of a personal journey into undiscovered terrain. And it makes a set or a mix Sönke is about to deliver in near future much more unpredictable. Together with Lars Kemnitz aka Kämmer whom he knows since they met in school many years ago he forms the DJ duo Kämmer vs L'Man.
Composer / Producer
Christian R. Meyer
Influenced by classical music, explicitly through violin playing, singing and musical theory at school starting from young age C.R.M. found himself interested in the field of film scores quite early in life. Acting as universal expressions to visual ideas and emotions, his melodies / sound concepts range from minimalistic to instrumentally widespread pieces. These works have supported various short film projects as well as theatrical productions since 2009.
Productions within different genres such as drama, thriller, comedy, fantasy and most recently science fiction have been musically supported by C.R.M.'s compositions.
Special attention directed towards the film industry specifically followed during his time at drama school, which served as an aid to develop new opinions and view points concerning theatrical and cinematical design, as well as the art of emotional transmission within those medias.
Producer / Lyricist / DJ
Jonas Schmidt aka Johnny Flash
Jonas Schmidt aka Johnny Flash is a highly anticipated producer and lyricist from the north of Hamburg. He first started with hip-hop - nevertheless, his heart beats in all frequencies. Honestly, he can't wait longer to share his work to the listeners and music lovers out there. Be prepared and fasten your seatbelts. Until then, may the Flash be with you.
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